New York city photos part II

Hey there,
So here are the rest of my photos from visiting New York!


New York City photos part I

Hi there,
So this weekend I visited New York for the first time and here's my first expression of this wonderful city!


DIY lace LWD

Hi there,
So today I've got for you guys a little white dress. I made this one a while ago, and unfortunately it's now too cold to wear it. The base of the dress is made out of a stretchy thick fabric and on top of it there's stretchy lace. I used these fabrics to avoid having to use a zipper, because I thought it wouldn't do my design any good. If you're planning on making such a dress, take into consideration the stretch of the fabric, otherwise it'll end up being to big. You can measure how much it stretches per centimeter or 10 centimers, for it to still be comfortable (you don't want to be stuck inside of it) and apply this factor when your drawing a pattern. Anyways, here it is!
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Burberry prorsum gloves Look a like

So, normally I don't really share my new purchases but today I fell so much in love with these gloves that I had to share this with you guys. Ever since I saw these beauties in Harrods about 2 years ago, I adored them. Unfortunately for me, the Burberry one's were quite pricey. But, today I ran into these gorgeous gloves at H&M. Isn't the resemblance amazing?!

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DIY leather sleeved coat

Hi readers,
Today all of the photos of my leather sleeved coat I made a while back. The winter is really making it's way up here, so I finally got to wear it. The sleeves are made out of artificial leather (real leather would be warmer though) and the body of the coat is made out of fleece, which is really easy to work with. It took me about 7 hours including the making of the patterns.
Let me know what you guys think of it!
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