Not all that glitters is gold

Here's a LBD that I made a while back, which is perfect for the upcoming holidays. I added a t-shirtlike top made out of a sequin fabric to give it a festive touch. I used a stretchy, kinda thick fabric for the dress, which makes it quite easy to get the right fit. Make sure not to get fabric that is very thin because it will show through all imperfectations and everything you wear underneath it. The sequin fabric gave me a harder time though, because as soon as you cut it, the sequins tend to go everywhere.

The sequin part is basically the pattern of a crop top. Beware however when choosing to work with this fabric. There are some advantages: it's nice and sparkly look, and the fact hat you do not really have to seam it, partly because it is impossible and partly because it would ruin your design because the seams would get very stiff. There is also a huge disadvantage and that is that your sewing machine will not be very fond of the little sequin parts getting all over and into it, and all over your interior as well. I made my dress a while back and still find them sometimes. However, to me the advantages outweigh the disadvantges but if they don't you can also pick another sparkly fabric that is not that hard to work with.


DIY white fluffy wool coat

Here is a very easy DIY wool coat. I bought the fur for only €15 at the market but you can use any type of fur or wool you like. I did not put in lining yet, since I want to test how warm it is already. Basically the coat goes down straight, so you do not make it any smaller for the waist. You could of course do this if you want to, but you will loose the idea of an oversized coat. I made the sleeves a bit longer so you can tug the excess fabric back in, which makes the sleeves fit tighter around your wrists.



Today I've got a rather simple design! A little black dress with a twist. Basically what I did is make a tight fitting dress, out of some plain cotton with a little of stretch. I did put in a zipper on the side, but iIf you want to recreate this dress, and not give yourself such a hard time by putting in a zipper, choose a fabric that stretches, but is not too thin. Also if you are not very experienced with sewing, you could do the same, but without the sleeves. This is what the design comes down to:

The upper part is made out of the lace and I also added some sleeves, which is of course a personal style issue, whether you want to or not. I use this pattern as a basis for many of my dresses. Once you get the fit right, keep the pattern and reuse in different ways. 


Lady in red

Hi there!

Here's something I've been working on for quite a while.
I needed a prom dress, yes another one haha, and wanted to create something luxurious.
A low back seemed like just the right thing to do! So I went with this rather thin fabric, which is easy to drape. I just made a simple skirt and draped the back, and created the shape of a bow. The upper part was a lot harder to do, because the fit has to be just right, for it to stay in place when I'm wearing it. After a lot of hours, here's how it turned out!


DIY summer dress

Hi there,
Here's a dress that I made a while back. A friend of mine asked me to make her a dress and I needed a prototype out of another - less expensive - fabric. It's quite an easy design, with some elastic around the waist and a low back.The edges take quite some time to seam, so consider this when choosing your fabric.

and here's the final version for my friend:

The left dress is also made by me, and you can view that here.


Sneak peak of my new DIY

Hi guys,
Here are some details of a dress that I'm working on for a friend of mine.
Quite a simple, elegant design made out of 100% cotton with a floral print. For the technique used for the upper part, view here.

The right dress is also my design, you can see that here.


DIY faux Fur coat

Hi dear readers!
Here's one of my latest creations. Even though spring is in full swing, I just finished this coat. Couldn't get to finishing it earlier, but now it's ready to wear, for next winter.
So if you're thinking of working with (faux) fur yourself, do realize that it is nothing like cotton or polyester. I actually used a stanley knife to cut the fur. This way you only cut the underlying layer, and not the hairs, which you would, if you would use scissors.

Also, make sure you use a sewing machine that is powerful enough to sew the fur, and make sure to remove all the excess hairs, they might get stuck in your machine.
I hope you like it!