Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to you all!
Are you guys as excited as I am?
I must say that allthough here in the Netherlands halloween isn't as common as it is in other countries, I do like to celebrate it every year! This year I wanted a scary, but somehow kind of feminine and flattering costume. So, I went with the Black Swan. After watching the movie again I decided I had to make a tutu and a corset. In the movie the actress is wearing a ballet costume but I didn't think it was fun to make, so instead I went with the corset. Her outfit also isn't as sparkly as mine, but hey, diamonds are a girl's best friend, right?

At first I used a zipper for the corset but I thought it looked too ordinary, so I used some black satin ribbon instead.

So here's what it turned out! For my make-up I watched several tutorials on Youtube and it really wasn't as hard as it may seem. (Allthough taking it off was;) )

I wish you all a nice and spooky halloween! Enjoy!