Barn Find

Hello there!
Here another one of my posts, and as promised, not another jacket.
I'm also still working on my suede bag but I wanted to show you this as well!
This time not something that I completely made from scratch, but more of a restoration:)

A little while ago I found an old leather school bag at my grandma's barn. The leather had cracked and was ripped at some places. I absolutely love old things, so off course I had to take it home. At first I just wanted to restore the bag, the way that it was. But then I decided to do something different.
I bought some metallic shoe polish and polished the leather. The effect was really amazing. The cracks were gone and the bag was shiney and gold, just the way I like it:)

After that I had to redo all of the stitching because the thread had perished over time. Allthough it took me a lot of time, yes this is an understatement, to restore the bag, it was totally worth it. Now I have a very unique bag, and what I love most about it, is that is has it's own story:)

What you see on the picture above is the interior of the bag, and you can see just how dark the leather used to be. 

I hope you like it as well!