Hello there!
Here's another one of my creations. This weekend I felt like making a dress. I'm not sure if I'm gonna need it any time soon, but a girl can never have too many dresses right?:)

I wanted to create a simple dress with just that little something special. I went with a one shouldered design with some golden chains, studs and some black shiney beads on it. At first I made the upper part out of some plain black cotton. This way it's easy to drape the slightly thinner fabric over it. For the skirt part of the dress I used two layers of the thinner fabric, to keep it light and flowy.

I used a zipper to get the dress on and off. Since I didn't have any seems in the front or back of the dress, I put it at the side, so no one would notice it's there. I attached the chains to the upper and the under coton layer with some wire, because regular thread would probably break.