My Room

Hi there! As I allready mentioned in my last post, I just moved into a new room. Well actually two rooms in a really nice and cosy house with 3 other girls. Since I also have a passion for furniture that is old and needs to be refurbished, I thought why not show you my DIY projects in my room! So here it is! Out of all of my furniture, my bed is the only thing that I bought brand new, the rest of it I got at the local thrift shop, on the internet on auction sites, or, my favorite, from my grandma's basement. It's unbelievable what an amazing things I discovered there!:) So here are a lot of photos, just to give you an impression of my room!

What you see here is a detail of a head board I made to match my bed. It was a lot of work, but no all that difficult actually. I just cut the form out of a rather thin piece of wood, using a round piece of cardboard to draw the right shape onto it. After that I cut some foam in the same shape and glued it onto the wood. Then I cut the fabric into the right shape and used a staple gun to get the fabric to be tight around it. After that I got some pearl beads which I attachted by using some wire, which I knotted at the back of the head board. Actually quite easy! 

This is the upper part of my chair, how I love such detailing!
This closet I bought on the internet when I just moved out. It has been quite a hunt finding such a closet that was affordable, but I succeeded:) Found this one for only €80 but it really needed to be painted. I painted it white to give it a fresh look. 

Here's a vase I bought a while back. Love the knitted look. 
At the local Laura Ashley shop, I ran into this amazing wall paper. Since I allready knew I was going to move any time soon, I didn't wanted to waste it. So I bought some canvas and used a staple gun to put the wall paper around it. This way I can take them with me again, if I'll be moving again.

This coffin I found again at my grandma's basement. I asked her about it and she told me a very impressing story. She and her family lived here during WW2. After the war had ended, they didn't have any clothing or other things whatsoever. Luckily for them, they had some family, that lived in the US. They sent them this coffin filled with clothing and other things. The coffin had been at her basement ever since. I love the adress which they painted on it back then. I love furniture with a history. 

My absolute favorite lamp, just love it. Adore the detailing, I can look at it for hours!

My DIY pillow cover. 

Yep another detail of my very beloved lamp. 

I actually found this rack at, surprise surpise, my grandma's basement. After polishing it a little, it looked brand new again:)

My 'brand new' chair!:) Got this one only a few days ago at the local thrift shop for only €25. Thinking of refurbishing it, since I don't have any green in my room. Would love for it to be beige. I just  have to figure out how to do it with the chesterfield details. Anyone ever done this? Any advice?:)

Detail shot of my chair, which used to be black. I got this one, and 3 other chairs, and a matching round table, on the Internet, for free!!

Another shot of my DIY head board. The pillow covers are also made by me. 

Here's a detail of my closet, how I absolutly love such small details. It really makes a piece of furniture stand out! 

What you see here are the legs of some small tables I found on my grandma's basement. At first I wanted to paint them white as well, but when I put them into my room I actually liked the contrast with all of the white in my room. 

This may just be the best accesory in my room;)

I hope you guys like it:)