Painting upholstery? Yes you can!

As I told you a while back, I wanted to refurbish my antique chair. After doing some research I found out it would cost me about €200. So I started to look for another solution and then I came across this amazing article. Here I read you could just paint the fabric. That's easy as it is, just paint it. You'll need the following things:
- Fabric medium, for all of you Dutch people reading this, try Peter Van Ginkel, great store, and not all that expensive.
- Acryl Matt
- Paint Brush
- Some water
- Sponge
- Jar

So here's what you do.
- Clean your entire chair, and wet it
- Mix paint and fabric medium 1:1 and add water so the proportions are 1:1:0,5.
- Start by adding one thin layer and let dry. On my paint it said I should use an iron but I'd definitely tell you not to do it! I tried it on corner of the pillow and that piece is quite ruined, so don't do that. You could use a blow dryer instead.
- Let it dry, I waited over night
- Wet again, as you may notice the paint won't shed! Add another layer of paint
- Keep on repeating as many times as you like.

Good luck!

Here's what I started out with:

Don't you guys think it matches my interior way better?

As you can see here, the fabric isn't really smooth, I guess painting a more smooth surface will give you better results and maybe you'll need less layers. I did 4. 

Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty!