DIY summer dress

Hello lovelies!
Today I have a really easy DIY idea for you guys! I'll show you just how easy it is to make a draped summer dress.

All you need is:
- Light fabric that doesn't fray
- Needle and thread
- Measurement tape
- Pair of scissors 

Off course you can use any fabric you like as long as it isn't too stiff. The only thing you'll have to think about with some fabrics is that they do fray, if you don't hem the edges.

So the first thing you do is cut two rectangular pieces out of the fabric. The length of these pieces will be the length of your dress. The lenght of mine was 100 cm (39 inch). The width must be way wider than your perimeter, because the fabric is going to be draped. My width was 90 cm a piece.

What you do next, is flip the upper piece of the fabric over and ham it, like shown on the picture below. Make sure you sew it a few centimeters from the edge, because the cord has to fit through.

Pull the cord through it, using a safety pin, that you attach to the beginning of the cord, so you have something firm to pull the cord through. 

So this is what it'll look like when you've pulled the cord through. 

Then you sew the two parts togehter on the sides, like shown on the drawing. 

Attach the ends of the cord to each other. I've used a belt around my waist to create a waistline, but you can also just cut of a piece of fabric and knot it around your waist.