DIY Suede bag Tutorial

Hi guys!
Today I have a tutorial on how to make a suede bag. I discovered someone selling leather and suede at the fabric market in Utrecht and have been working with leather ever since! So here's a tutorial on how to make this bag!

So what do you need:
- A piece of leather
- Needle and thread
- In case you're using a sewing machine, you're gonna need a leather or jeans needle
- A piece of chain
- Scissors

So you start out with cutting 2 rectangular pieces out of the leather. Mine were 49 cm (18,1 inch) long and 32 cm (12,6 inch) wide. Then cut out 2 little pieces as well, mine were 5,5 cm (2,2 inch) long and 2,5 cm (1 inch) wide. Then you stitch the big pieces together like shown, you stitch where the grey lines are. The small parts are in between the big parts, because this is where the chain is gonna be attached to the bag. You're gonna pull the chain through the little pieces of suede before sewing these. Attach the 2 little pieces on around 2/3 of the length of you big pieces.

Then you stitch the pieces all together. Flip over the upper parts that you didn't stitch together and your homemade bag is done!:) Quite easy right?

Of course you can use any fabric you like, but make sure that when you decide not to use suede or leather that you do chose a firm fabric.
Good luck and show me your results!