For the love of photography

Hello lovely readers, 
The day I bought my SLR camera, was a life changing day. Haha okay I admit this sounds a whole lot more melodramatic than meant, but what I'm trying to say is this: photography opened up a whole other way to look at things. I keep on catching myself saying: "o that would be a lovely photo from this angle." Now, a few years later, I got myself a digital SLR camera and here are some photos I took this summer. Let me know what you think of them!:)

Such a lovely summer feeling: the smell of flowers on a sunny day

Amsterdam Internation Fashion Week, almost front row!

Guess what, this is a part of my chandelier! 

Loveliest dog in the world! 

During the summer I tend to live in cut off jeans, love them!

Aloe Vera, the best cure for little wounds and pimples


Sewing love

And some photos with my analog camera