Not all that glitters is gold

Here's a LBD that I made a while back, which is perfect for the upcoming holidays. I added a t-shirtlike top made out of a sequin fabric to give it a festive touch. I used a stretchy, kinda thick fabric for the dress, which makes it quite easy to get the right fit. Make sure not to get fabric that is very thin because it will show through all imperfectations and everything you wear underneath it. The sequin fabric gave me a harder time though, because as soon as you cut it, the sequins tend to go everywhere.

The sequin part is basically the pattern of a crop top. Beware however when choosing to work with this fabric. There are some advantages: it's nice and sparkly look, and the fact hat you do not really have to seam it, partly because it is impossible and partly because it would ruin your design because the seams would get very stiff. There is also a huge disadvantage and that is that your sewing machine will not be very fond of the little sequin parts getting all over and into it, and all over your interior as well. I made my dress a while back and still find them sometimes. However, to me the advantages outweigh the disadvantges but if they don't you can also pick another sparkly fabric that is not that hard to work with.